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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bump stops, and what do they do?

Bump stops are important components of a vehicle's suspension system . They help improve the quality of your ride . They also help protect the other components of the suspension system.

What are bump stops do I Need?

2.0 Bump Stops work best for solid axle vehicles 5,000 lbs. or under used for rock crawling, trail running, and mild desert runs. For vehicles with low (4-5" up travel) ride heights, we recommend 3" stroke bump stops if you can fit them or 2" stroke bumps if you are tight for space.

What is a bumper stop?

Bump stop definition. A cushioning device, usually rubber, that limits the upward movement of the wheels and suspension to prevent metal-to-metal contact that could lead to suspension damage or failure. Also called "jounce bumpers.".

What is a suspension bumper?

Suspension bumpers are installed in cars—particularly lowered ones—to prevent suspension parts from colliding with these cars' body or wheel wells. Also known as bump stops, these tubular or triangular pieces of rubber or polyurethane protect cars from bottoming out.

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