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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does most of Utah's energy come from?

An arid state with abundant sunshine, Utah is among the states with the most solar resources. Wind, hydropower, and geothermal resources are also major contributors to the state's electricity generation from renewables. About 80% of Utah's residents live in the central part of the state in the Salt Lake City area.

How to Contact Energy West for customer service?

For customer service, please call 406-791-7500. For new construction applications and service re-routes, etc., please call 406-791-7536 or email [email protected] Click below to pay your bill online.

Is the state of Utah a net energy supplier?

Utah generates more electricity than it consumes, and the state is a net power supplier to other states. Some Utah generating plants are switching from coal to natural gas to comply with California's low-emission laws for deliveries of power into that state.

How many Dominion Energy customers are there in Utah?

Dominion Energy provides natural gas distribution service to more than one million customers in Utah.

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