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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find energy resources for schools?

Go to the Solar Decathlon site for education resources geared toward kindergarten through high school. These include energy efficiency and renewable energy curriculums, activities, and Solar Decathlon design and construction documents.

How is energy education used as a textbook?

This resource is being used as a textbook to teach a number of courses. If you'd like your own set of pages please contact us and we'll work with you to set up chapters for your course as well.

What does the law of Conservation of energy mean?

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that the total energy in a system remains constant. So, when people say they are “using” energy, what they really mean to say is that they are “converting” energy from one form to another form. Energy is never created or destroyed, but it is transformed from one type to another.

Which is an undesired result of energy utilization?

Heat can be both a desired and undesired result of energy utilization. For example, thermal energy heats houses and meals, which is obviously desirable - especially in colder climates. However, heat is also a byproduct of friction, which isn't always sought after.

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