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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EnergyLink help with revenue data exchange?

EnergyLink raises the bar for revenue data exchange through automated workflow, enhanced partner communications and data analytics. Streamline your business process, save time and money, and improve owner relations today:

How to contact EnergyLink oil and gas company?

For all other queries, send a message to EnergyLink Support by filling in the message box below. The operating oil and gas company handles all payments to their partners and owners. You need to contact them to get information pertaining to your payment.

Do you already have an EnergyLink user ID and password?

Do you already have a letter with an EnergyLink User ID and Password? If so, you may skip the steps below and login or watch a help video. Please help us identify you by providing the following details from an invoice/statement received within the last year:

What do I need to send a message to EnergyLink?

Send a message to EnergyLink Support by filling in the message box below. Include what happens when you try to log in and other pertinent information to identify you; such as User ID or owner number. You need a user ID to print/view your invoices and statements from EnergyLink.

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