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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about EnergyLink?

EnergyLink offers an advanced messaging system that allows you to communicate right down to the property level. It features real-time tracking for inquiry resolution and dispute management while maintaining a complete historical audit trail. Gain critical insight with data analysis tools available from EnergyLink.

Why do you need to use EnergyLink for jib exchange?

Join the rest of the industry in using EnergyLink for a more effective, efficient and economical way to process JIBs. EnergyLink seamlessly interfaces with nearly all industry accounting systems. + Save a tree! – Hard copies not required

Why do we need to use EnergyLink for invoices?

It is really great to see more and more companies putting their Road Use, Mineral and Surface Rental invoices on EnergyLink as this makes our jobs even easier for processing, approvals, disputes and collection.

What does EnergyLink do when you dispute charges?

When you dispute charges, EnergyLink sends the Operator a message, so that a resolution can be reached sooner rather than later. All in all, good systems, with good customer support. Over the years with the use of EnergyLink, our jobs have become easier and less time consuming so that we can focus on other aspects of our jobs.

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