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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to use EnergyLink for jib exchange?

Join the rest of the industry in using EnergyLink for a more effective, efficient and economical way to process JIBs. EnergyLink seamlessly interfaces with nearly all industry accounting systems. + Save a tree! – Hard copies not required

Is the user ID on jiblink the same as EnergyLink?

Note: Your User ID and Password have not changed with the rebrand from JIBLink to EnergyLink. Please update your bookmarks. Automatically redirecting in 5 seconds...

Is there an owner relations platform for EnergyLink?

The industry standard owner relations platform with thousands of owners are already accessing revenue statements on EnergyLink. High customer satisfaction with owners and operators. Common user experience – standardized revenue and JIB statements across operators. Single log in for owners to all operator statements.

Do you already have an EnergyLink user ID and password?

Do you already have a letter with an EnergyLink User ID and Password? If so, you may skip the steps below and login or watch a help video. Please help us identify you by providing the following details from an invoice/statement received within the last year:

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