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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes EnergyLink a good place to work?

At EnergyLink, we offer great opportunities to learn and thrive in a dynamic team environment with lots of flexibility and growth potential. You will be working with amazing people like yourself, people who get a buzz from solving tough problems and finding innovative ways to support our clients.

How to get a job with energy Jobline?

Landing Your Perfect Role through Energy Jobline Is As Easy As ... 1. Set Up Your Profile Create and maintain a feature rich, enhanced profile which is instantly accessible to recruiters, and employers (if you choose it to be). Include your photograph, work history, skills, social media profiles, preferred work locations, and much more. 2.

Why do we need to use EnergyLink for invoices?

It is really great to see more and more companies putting their Road Use, Mineral and Surface Rental invoices on EnergyLink as this makes our jobs even easier for processing, approvals, disputes and collection.

What does EnergyLink do when you dispute charges?

When you dispute charges, EnergyLink sends the Operator a message, so that a resolution can be reached sooner rather than later. All in all, good systems, with good customer support. Over the years with the use of EnergyLink, our jobs have become easier and less time consuming so that we can focus on other aspects of our jobs.

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