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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of EnergyLink royalty data exchange?

Streamline your business process, save time and money, and improve owner relations today: The end result? Improved visibility and more accurate information to help you do your job better and faster while greatly improving your owner relations. WHAT SETS US APART IS CLEAR...

How is EnergyLink used in the oil and gas industry?

EnergyLink was developed to drive operational efficiencies and lower costs by optimizing key business processes: Joint Interest Billings (JIBs), Land and Road Use Invoices Revenue Checks, Royalty Statements, Tax Forms Authorizations for Expenditures (AFEs), Mail Ballots

Why do we need to use EnergyLink spreadsheets?

The Excel spreadsheets that we are able to generate from EnergyLink have significantly reduced the time we spend entering revenue detail into our system. EnergyLink has provided excellent support in a timely manner and continues to help us utilize their product to increase our productivity.

Do you already have an EnergyLink user ID and password?

Do you already have a letter with an EnergyLink User ID and Password? If so, you may skip the steps below and login or watch a help video. Please help us identify you by providing the following details from an invoice/statement received within the last year:

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