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Frequently Asked Questions

What does do for the community?

As a local, not-for-profit cooperative, EnergyUnited is committed to creating a #brighterfuture for our members and our community. Beyond providing safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable power, we partner with educators, students and local organizations to support scholarships, grants, and community programs.

Where did the EnergyUnited foundation Donate the money?

We are proud to announce that the EnergyUnited Foundation recently donated $10,000 to Fifth Street Ministries of Iredell County. “The mission of Fifth Street Ministries is to compassionately serve men, women, and children who are homeless, hungry or victims of domestic violence,” said Michele Knapp, executive director of Fifth Street Ministries.

How to Contact Energy United in North Carolina?

If you have information concerning the outage or would prefer to speak with a Customer Care Representative, call 1-800-522-3793. EnergyUnited serves nearly 110,000 electric members in central and western North Carolina, making it the second largest supplier of residential electricity in North Carolina.

Who is the CFO of energy United?

CFO Alec Natt discusses EnergyUnited’s ongoing efforts to provide safe, reliable power at the lowest possible cost. Nobody likes to stay in the dark for long. Sign up for outage alerts and receive real-time alerts of when your power will be restored.

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