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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EnergyUnited help with your heating bill?

EnergyUnited does provide options such as 1) Budget Billing so that your bill is about the same all year round, 2) Custom Billing so you receive our bill at the best time for you each month and a 3) Heating Assistance Program through the EU Foundation to provide financial assistance with high heating costs.

What is the phone number for energy United?

Energy United does not appear to have a dedicated customer support page on their website. You can contact Energy United by phone at 800-522-3793 or email at [email protected] .

How to contact EnergyUnited about a power outage?

If you have information concerning the outage or prefer to speak with a Customer Service Representative, call 1-800-522-3793. We have provided a summary table of current outages below.

Do you have to pay energy United every month?

Paying the same estimated amount every month and then settling up at the annual review can sometimes end up in your favor with a bill credit and/or lowered monthly bill for the next year. Energy United now has a 24-7 payment kiosk on site which takes cash or checks. I pay online generally but I have recently used the kiosk and it is very simple.

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