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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the first old home days held?

June marks the start of Old Home Days season not just in New England, but throughout the United States, in Canada and Australia. The birth of the celebration can be traced to one man: Frank Rollins. He set in motion the first Old Home Days – 44 of them, all in New Hampshire – in 1899.

What was England called in the days of King Arthur?

- History Stack Exchange Was England called England in the days of King Arthur? King Arthur is a legendary king who is said to have ruled Britain in the early days of post-Roman Britain.

When was England called England in the Middle Ages?

The earliest recorded use of the term that I'm aware of is in the late ninth century translation into Old English of Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People, which had been written in Latin in in the early eighth century.

What are some words that come from Old English?

Many of the most basic and common words in use in English today have their roots in Old English, including words like water, earth, house, food, drink, sleep, sing, night, strong, the, a, be, of, he, she, you, no, not, etc.

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