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Who was the King of England in 870?

A group of Vikings left Reading and approached Englefield where a number of Saxons had mustered under King Aethelred I. The Saxons succeeded in killing a number of Vikings and the rest retreated to Reading. King Aethelred I of Wessex and his brother Alfred attacked the gateway to the town of Reading but were beaten back by the Vikings.

Which is the earliest known map of Britain?

The Gough map – 14th century Donated to the Bodlian Library in the 19th century, the Gough map is the earliest known map of Britain to give a detailed representation of the country’s roads. 4. Portolan Chart by Pietro Visconte – c. 1325

Who was the author of the medieval map of Britain?

Map of Britain by Matthew Paris – 13th century Paris was a Benedictine monk who was well known in 13th century England for writing and illustrating several manuscripts including a number of maps. This particular image of Britain features around 250 named towns. 3. The Gough map – 14th century

Who was the ruler of Wessex in 870?

There is no surviving evidence as to who was ruler of Wessex during the time Alfred spent in Athelney. A large Viking force led by Ubba marched on Contisbury Hill in Devon. Earldorman Odda was inside the fort on top of the hill. Odda decided to attack the Vikings and during the fighting Ubba was killed.

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