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Frequently Asked Questions

What groups invaded England in 1066?

The Norwegian king Harald Hardrada invaded northern England in September 1066 and was victorious at the Battle of Fulford, but Godwinson's army defeated and killed Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge on 25 September. Within days, William landed in southern England.

What did the people speak in England 1066?

William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, and his people thus spoke Norman French, also just called "Norman," when they invaded England in 1066. Linguistic historians use the term Anglo-Norman to describe the language spoken by Normans living in England after 1066.

How did 1066 change England?

The Conquest left an indelible mark on the nation. Yet just as the Normans transformed England, so England transformed them. The descendants of the men who had crossed the Channel in 1066 slowly shed their Norman heritage as immigrants married indigenes, administrators of native origin entered noble service and the English language displaced French.

What was happening in England during 1066?

The Norman invasion of England in 1066 led to the defeat and replacement of the Anglo-Saxon elite with Norman and French nobles and their supporters. William the Conqueror and his successors took over the existing state system, repressing local revolts and controlling the population through a network of castles.

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