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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of the counties in England?

This county map shows the current but often changing Goverment Administrative counties of England. These are the counties you will find on most maps and road atlases and that are sadly more widely used today than the old historic traditional counties of England.

Are there any non metropolitan counties in England?

They are Greater Manchester, Merseyside, South Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear, West Midlands and West Yorkshire. In these counties the district councils provide the majority of services. Similarly, Berkshire is a non-metropolitan county with no county council and multiple districts and maps directly to a ceremonial county.

When was the first county established in England?

Most English counties were established in the Middle Ages sometime between the 7th and 11th centuries. The early divisions form most of the current counties, albeit with adapted boundaries. Counties were used for the administration of justice, the organisation of the military, local government and parliamentary representation.

Where can I find a map of a county?

LocateLayersAbout None Cities Towns National Trust Antiquity Roman antiquity Forests / woodland Hills Water features These maps the conform to the Historic Counties Standard. They are free to use with the caveat that the following attributions are made:

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