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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Englander air mattress so special?

The Englander air mattress is specifically designed to fix those flaws, making it a true standout among other inflatable beds. Never wake up on a sinking bed again. Incredibly soft without compromising support.

What is engenglander mattress?

Englander mattresses is a traditional mattress company, based in the Northeast. They have a range of mid-grade mattresses that they sell in their showrooms and through partners across the country.

How much does the Englander first ever microfiber mattress weigh?

Consumers will love that the Englander First Ever Microfiber Air Mattress is only 12 lbs. Not only is it a cinch to move to a guest room, but it also has a built-in pump for easy inflation.

What is the warranty on my Englander airbed?

Your Englander airbed comes with a 5-year warranty against defects, the highest in the industry for the best airbed on the market. Englander has been delivering better sleep by design for more than 125 years. Now, you can enjoy the comfort and durability you deserve in the world’s best air mattress.

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