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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manually Light my pellet stove?

How to light manually igniting pellet stove Step 1. You have to fill the burn pot with some pellets. Step 2. Next, you have to add some fire accelerant in the pellets. Step 3. Light the pellet with a wood match. Don’t close the door instantly. Step 4. Wait for few minutes until the edges of the pellets become red. Step 5.

How does a pellet stove ignitor work?

A pellet stove ignitor works on the same principle as an electric stove's heating element, or a car's cigarette lighter. Simply pushing the appropriate button on the pellet stove will start the ignitor. Heat from the ignitor coil will then ignite the extremely flammable wood pellets.

What is a pellet stove blower?

A pellet stove has a combustion blower that pulls outside air into the stove through a fresh-air vent and then blows out smoke and fumes through a stainless-steel exhaust vent. There's also a convection blower that draws room air into the stove and blows heated air into the room through a series of heat-exchange tubes.

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