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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good free standing wood stove?

Free Standing Wood Stoves. Freestanding stoves allow the placement of a wood burning appliance without the need for a fireplace. Stationed on a non-combustible stove board, free-standing wood stoves offer a beautiful view of roaring flames in a controlled environment, where air flow into the sealed stove can be regulated through knobs.

What are the factory settings for Englander pellet stove?

Englander pellet stoves are efficient heating units. The control board comes with preset factory settings. On the control board there are three buttons on the bottom. The first button is the Lower Fuel Feed (LFF), second is the Low Burn Air (LBA) and the third is Air On Temp (AOT).

What is the largest wood burning stove?

The 3000 Wood Burning Stove is the largest plate steel wood stove offered by United States Stove Company. It is capable of heating up to a 3,000 square foot area with up to 123,000 BTUs.

Are woodburning stoves good for the environment?

Wood burning stoves aren't necessarily bad for the environment . Although burning firewood to help warm a home can release smoke and other harmful particulates, using a wood stove rather than an open fireplace can significantly cut down on the amount of emissions being released.

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