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Frequently Asked Questions

What is can you speak English in Spanish?

Another reason the Spanish don’t speak English very well is Spain is the only country where everything is dubbed into the country’s own language (ie: Spanish). So, for instance, if you watch an American or British TV series or movie, you will never hear it in English and with Spanish subtitles. Instead, it will be dubbed into Spanish.

Is speaking Spanish a skill?

Spanish is a useful language to know, and it is not hard to learn if you put in the time and effort every day to study it. Improving your speaking skills is an important part of learning Spanish and should be given special attention in your daily lessons.

What is the best language translation device?

Best Voice Translator: Pulomi TT. As a translator that can recognize and convert spoken language, the Pulomi TT is a useful tool for any international traveler. This super-compact device slips into your pocket or purse so you can translate anywhere, anytime.

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