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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Army enterprise email service?

During 2011, Army email users will migrate to Enterprise Email service. Instead of accessing email through local email servers at each installation, users will reach through the network to access their email services from the Department of Defense "cloud". The Army is the first service to migrate to Enterprise Email as part of a larger DoD effort.

What is enterenterprise email?

Enterprise Email enables users to access their Army email from any Defense Department location and to collaborate with any Army user worldwide via a global address list. Enterprise email users will experience a range of service improvements. Enterprise Email provides a minimum four gigabytes of on-line email storage - that's 40...

What happened to Army email in 2011?

During 2011, all Army e-mail users will migrate to Enterprise e-mail service. As an alternative to accessing e-mail via neighborhood e-mail servers at every single installation, they'll reach via the network to access e-mail services from centralized servers called the Division of Defense cloud.

How do I get a DoD certificate for enterenterprise webmail?

Enterprise Webmail link: 1 Obtain a CAC Reader 2 CAC Reader driver 3 DoD Certificates 4 IE adjustments 5 S elect the Authentication certificate when prompted

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