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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the F5 add-ons for Microsoft 365 E5?

The F5 add-ons eliminate the previous promotion requirement to purchase Microsoft 365 E5 for information workers, and offers greater flexibility and predictability as your Frontline Workforce grows.

What does the F5 error message mean?

The f5 error message is the same after 7 or so attempts “Your session could not be established.” Each, of course, has a different session reference code. I looked at the error messages you sent to the previous gentleman. The error message received typically denotes the wrong certificate being selected.

When will the new F5 add-on offers be available?

The new F5 add-on offers will be available starting February 1, 2021. These F5 programmatic offers will replace the current Security and Compliance promotion, which is expiring on February 28, 2021.

How do I resolve the F5 error in Disa Deps?

Per the DISA DEPS Support Team, the error you are receiving (the F5 Error) is most likely due to a dual persona issue. Users should first try using the FBCA Cross-Certificate Remover 1.17 below to remove certificates which cause the cross-certificate chaining issue for DoD users.

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