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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem in the entertainment industry?

Increasingly, the problem in the entertainment industry, Brumbaugh said, "is that producers are being cheap. They create shortcuts by hamstringing department heads with limited crew, support and sufficient time to do their jobs safely and efficiently.”

Why was Endeavor Content sold to CJ Media?

The recent sale of 80% of Endeavor Content’s scripted business to Korean media firm CJ (a move required under an agreement between agencies and the Writers Guild) will enable Endeavor to reduce debt. Along with the deleveraging, Emanuel said the upside will be a new focus on non-scripted efforts, notably consulting and sales.

How long has Faison been in the entertainment industry?

Faison has spent nearly 50 years in entertainment. From television, film, and theater, he has done it all. With roles in heavy-hitting films like Do The Right Thingand Coming to Americaand television shows like The Wire, he’s shown the versatility of his range.

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