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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an antonym for entrance?

Entrance is also used figuratively for setting out upon some career, or becoming a member of some organization; as, we speak of one's entrance upon college life, or of entrance into the ministry. Antonyms: departure, egress, ejection, exclusion, exit, expulsion, refusal, rejection, withdrawal.

What is an entrance lock?

An entrance lock can refer to any lock on a door entrance. This could be a sliding door that leads to a backyard, a front door of a home, or a lock in front of an office. There are a couple of different types of these locks, and preference for them may depend on type of door, appearance desired, and needed security.

What is security entrance?

Security Entrance Lanes. Security Entrance Lanes provide a high level of bidirectional entrance control without compromising user safety. Their modern yet discreet design fits right into corporate or public environments.

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