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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the environment Rating Scales ( ERS ) used?

Introduction to the Environment Rating Scales There are four Environment Rating Scales (ERS), each designed for a different segment of the early childhood field. Each one of the scales has items to evaluate: Physical Environment; Basic Care; Curriculum; Interaction; Schedule and Program Structure; and Provisions for Parent and Staff.

What is the early childhood environment rating scale?

Our team uses three of the scales: Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Revised Edition (ECERS-R): This scale is designed to assess the quality of preschool environments located in center child care settings.

How are the scales used to measure the environment?

Our scales define environment in a broad sense and guide the observer to assess the arrangement of space both indoors and outdoors, the materials and activities offered to the children, the supervision and interactions (including language) that occur in the classroom, and the schedule of the day, including routines and activities.

How many items are in the ecers-R scale?

Scale consists of 43 items organized into 7 subscales: Featuring a new spiral binding, the updated ECERS-R offers more practical assistance in the form of an Expanded Scoresheet (which contains a worksheet) and additional notes for clarification to improve accuracy in scoring. However the items and indicators remain the same as in the ECERS-R.

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