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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you read books online for free?

Bookboon is another great place to read free books online, although you won’t find books that were made into movies on this website. It provides free and paid textbooks for students and businesses to help you get educated.

Are the free ebooks on Kindle really free?

Are Amazon Kindle Ebooks Really Free? Yes , there are free Amazon Kindle ebooks from time to time. Many authors will do this to promote a new book or to say thank you to their loyal readers. There is some confusion on how to download these books and not get charged for either the book or get signed up for the Kindle Unlimited program.

Is epic free for parents?

Epic also makes it easy for parents and educators to track each child’s reading history and progress. Right now, you can score Epic Basic for free which offers access to select books plus 2 free hours of reading per week! You can also sign up for access to the entire Epic Library for only $9.99/month and can cancel at any time.

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