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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I limit the download speed of Epic Games?

From now on, Epic will limit its download speed up to the cape you set in the Settings page. When the download speed is throttled, Epic download manager will show the helpful “Download throttling is enabled” message.

Should you download games from Epic Games launcher?

If you have a super-fast internet connection then downloading big games at full speed might not be an issue. However, if the internet speed is not that great, allowing the Epic game launcher to use all the available bandwidth to download games might hinder your other internet activities like browsing and streaming.

How do I Turn Off download throttling on Epic Games?

To remove the download limit, open the Epic Games launcher and click on the “Settings” option. Next, scroll down and uncheck the “Throttle Downloads” checkbox. As soon as you uncheck the option, the settings are automatically saved and applied. You will no longer see any download throttling in Epic.

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