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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epicor bistrack software?

"Epicor BisTrack software makes process workflows more efficient and helps us budget, forecast, and set operational goals so that we can remain a successful and growth-oriented business." Find out why former Falcon user, Kimal Lumber, made the move to BisTrack.

Why choose epicepicor?

Epicor is more than a software provider. That's because we see software not as an outcome, but as a flexible tool to grow business. “Epicor is an awesome place for driven professionals to advance their careers.” “Our diversity of expertise is our retail team´s greatest strength.”

How can bistrack help you meet the needs of your customers?

The more you know about your building supply customers, the better you can respond to and meet their needs. BisTrack helps you: Epicor BisTrack empowers your sales team to meet and respond to customers where they do business, by providing quick product information, quotes, ordering payment and more.

Who is Epicor?

Epicor is a nearly $1 billion company with more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. This brings ongoing challenges for our teams of finance and accounting professionals—talented people who can not only protect and leverage our assets, but offer sound advice to enhance our business decision-making.

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