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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epicor BPM C #code?

Epicor Business Process Management C# code that helps you put your ideas into action. In my previous blog post I detailed some great tips for your BPM C# code in relation to reading records from the Epicor database.

What does the Epicor error message below mean?

The Epicor error message below is produced whenever a user tries to issue material to a job that is not marked as ‘Released’. If you wish to automate the process of marking the job as ‘Released’, then the first thing you’ll need to do is identify the business object method that you should be creating your BPM on.

What's new in Epicor 10®?

To accommodate more advanced needs, Epicor 10® was designed for easy access to BPM custom code directives. In addition to being easily accessible, these code directives are now written in C# instead of ABL. Epicor 10® makes this possible by including a built-in C# code editor in its BPM workflow designer.

How do I call a method from an EPICOR business object?

You need to include a reference to the Epicor ‘JobEntry’ Business Object so that your code is able to access and call the methods within it. You do this by using the ‘References’ tab at the top of the same screen where you enter your custom C# code.

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