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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epicor HCM?

"Epicor is a true HCM suite with no gaps in service." core HR foundational solution. Energize HR with the tools to report on and analyze the greatest asset of your organization from every angle, including regulatory compliance requirements. Improve hiring decisions and accelerate recruiting while eliminating paper processes.

What is epicepicor Human Capital Management?

Epicor Human Capital Management offers a feature-rich human resource management solution (HRMS) you can deploy in the cloud or on premises to comprehensively manage your global workforce from recruitment to retirement, so you can focus on cultivating a culture of growth. Employee expectations are on the rise.

Why choose Epicor Enterprise Content Management?

Unlock the power of data within your business and throughout your supply chain. Build an omnichannel presence and connect with customers wherever they are. Manage content securely throughout its entire lifecycle with Epicor Enterprise Content Management. Achieve sound financial management—from basic bookkeeping to advanced analytics.

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