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Frequently Asked Questions

What are epicormic shoots?

Epicormic shoots are the means by which trees regrow after coppicing or pollarding, where the tree's trunk or branches are cut back on a regular cycle. These forestry techniques cannot be used on species which do not possess strong epicormic growth abilities. Pruning leads to growth of suppressed shoots below...

What is the meaning of epicormic growth?

What is epicormic growth? Epicormic growth is a plant response to damage or stress. It is the growth of new shoots from epicormic buds that lie dormant beneath the bark. This growth is normally suppressed by hormones from active shoots higher up the tree, but when there is trauma from factors like insect

What is an epicormic bud?

These epicormic buds are highly protected, set deeper beneath the thick bark than in other tree species, allowing both the buds and vascular cambium to be insulated from the intense heat.

What is an example of an epicormic tree?

Examples. The mediterranean Quercus suber (cork oak) resprouts from epicormic buds after fire. Dogwood trees – which are susceptible to a fungal infection known as dogwood anthracnose ( Discula destructiva) – will sometimes send out epicormic shoots when they are dying from the disease.

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