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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better business equipment or business supplies?

What Is Business Equipment? Business equipment is tangible property used in a business. Equipment is considered more permanent and longer lasting than supplies, which are used up quickly. Equipment includes machinery, furniture, fixtures, vehicles, computers, electronic devices, and office machines.

How is the purchase of business equipment accounted for?

The purchase of equipment is not accounted for as an expense in one year; rather the expense is spread out over the life of the equipment. This is called depreciation. From an accounting standpoint, equipment is considered capital assets or fixed assets, which are used by the business to make a profit. Taxes on Sales of Business Equipment

What kind of equipment can I rent for my business?

Top rentals include tools, small watercraft, portable hot tubs, construction equipment, recreational vehicles, movie props, musical instruments, office furniture and equipment, canoes and kayaks, and camping equipment.

Where is the largest medical equipment rental market?

The Medical Equipment Rental industry is dispersed throughout the united states. However, the largest markets tend to be in areas with large consumer markets, such as the Southeast and the West regions of the United States.

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