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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best heavy equipment trailer?

Detachables are the most popular trailers for hauling heavy construction equipment. "The detachable trailer will give you the lowest deck height," says Jim Ladner, Landoll. For example, Landoll has introduced a line of detachables that feature a loaded deck height down to 17 in.

What are enclosed trailers used for?

Enclosed Trailers are widely used for purposes ranging from car haulers, bike trailers, equipment trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle trailers, and more. Enclosed Trailers provide protection of the cargo and can be outfitted with tracks, rings, tie-downs, shelving,or flooring to accommodate almost any type of cargo that requires hauling.

What are tractor trailers used for?

Some types of semi tractor trailers are commonly seen on the freeways, such as flatbeds, tankers, containers, car haulers and vans. These trailers are generally used to haul cargo long distances from the manufacturer to the distributor.

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