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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trailer does trailer sales of Michigan use?

Trailer Sales of Michigan sells great equipment trailers that are constructed with rugged all channel iron frames in Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty models. All of our equipment trailers are available in either wood or diamond floor.

What kind of frame does an equipment trailer use?

Both styles are based on all channel iron frames. Equipment Trailers – Equipment trailers by Trailer Sales of Michigan are built with all channel frames with a formed one-piece frame runner and tongue design. The tongue is cold formed in a hydraulic press for maximum durability.

What kind of tires do equipment trailers have?

Standard Equipment Trailers have brakes on both axles with Castle Rock brand radial tires. These models have heavy duty industrial grade fenders, an adjustable coupler, a 7,000 lb. drop foot jack, and skip spacing reflective tape. One of the bigger differences between Standard and Deluxe are the stud mounted lights on Standard.

What is included in a deluxe equipment trailer?

A tool box with lockable lid is included on every Deluxe equipment trailer. An upgraded wiring package runs the wiring in plastic conduit and includes lifetime rubber mounted LED lights which are installed in steel protected boxes. These models have full reflective tape.

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