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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about equipmentwatch?

The equipment manager with access to the best data wins. Your EquipmentWatch subscription gives you access to customized internal charge rates, values, serial number verification, retail rental rates, and rich specifications for nearly every model on the market.

How long has equipmentwatch been providing cost data?

Important Update, July 2017: For Nearly 60 years, EquipmentWatch has been committed to providing customers the most current and accurate equipment cost data that adequately reflects ongoing economic conditions.

How does global adjustment preferences work on equipmentwatch?

Global adjustment preferences allow you to set adjustments that will be automatically applied to all model detail pages across EquipmentWatch. For Cost Recovery and Values, you also have the ability to freeze the data presented within a particular time range by setting the Rate Effective Period.

How are hourly standby rates calculated in equipmentwatch?

Standby Rates in the EquipmentWatch Cost Recovery Guide are by default the hourly cost associated with an asset on standby. The hourly standby rate is calculated as: Hourly depreciation cost + hourly cost of facilities capital + hourly indirect costs

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