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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Erie homeowners insurance include service line coverage?

If you are new to ERIE, have an ERIE HomeProtector policy, or we insure your car but not your home, ask your local ERIE agent for a homeowners quote that includes Service Line Coverage. Rest easy knowing your home is covered all the way to the curb. Talk to your local ERIE Agent about home insurance that includes service line coverage.

Why choose eriesecure® home insurance?

At Erie Insurance, we want to help you find coverage that suits your home, lifestyle and budget. That’s why it’s a smart insurance decision to consider an ErieSecure® Home bundle to expand your protection beyond our standard homeowners policy.

How can Erie's auto policy help protect me?

Ask an agent how ERIE’s auto policy can help protect you. Liability insurance helps protect drivers when they’re responsible for an accident that injures other people or damages other people’s property. Drivers are required to have this coverage in nearly every state.

Is Erie's home insurance better than competition?

We believe the proof is in the policy. Our home insurance base policy includes many features that are better than a typical competition policy. 1 Talk to an agent about ERIE’s home insurance coverage. 1 The information is a summary and does not include all coverages and benefits available through an ErieSecure Home® policy or apply to all states.

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