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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for ES?

erythrorrhexis, erythruria, Erzgebirge, Erz Mountains, Erzurum, Es, ESA, Esaki, Esaki diode, Esarhaddon, Esau Other definitions for Es (2 of 5) -es1 a plural suffix occurring in loanwords from Greek: Hyades.

What does es mean in alter ego?

Es is a young lady who appears in Alter Ego. Her role is to guide the player, commonly referred to by her as the 'wanderer', through self-discovery, whilst learning about herself in the process. Es‘s appearance is that of a young woman with long dark hair, braided and swept to her left.

Where did the term “Es” come from?

According to Wikipedia: Freud borrowed the term “das Es” from Georg Groddeck, a German physician to whose unconventional ideas Freud was much attracted (Groddeck’s translators render the term in English also as “the It”). Friedrich Nietzsche, who is thought to have influenced Freud also often used the German pronoun das Es.

What are some examples of Es items?

Earth Shock (gaming, World of Warcraft Shaman Spell) ES Extraction Steam ES Extended Segment ES Enders Shadow (book) ES Extra Systole (pacemaker) ES Exposed Structure (architecture) ES Enhanced Spiral (Caterpillar hose cover) ES Escape Signal ES Exceptional Survival ES Edit-Strike ES Engrossed in Senate (bill passed and formally typed) ES

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