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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the employees of Esanda Finance Corporation?

Esanda Finance Corporation Limited is a vehicle finance provider. The Company engages in car financing, insurance, and investment, and operates car dealerships. Espanda caters to the finance needs of its clients in Australia. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

Where can I get a car loan from Esanda?

If you took out a car loan through Esanda directly, through the Esanda website, an ANZ branch or a finance broker, your car loan or lease will stay with Esanda/ANZ. You can contact ANZ on 13 23 73 for assistance with your car loan. Esanda Finance will continue to provide car loans and novated lease options online and through the ANZ branches.

When do Esanda loans stop being offered by ANZ?

After 31 March 2019, all new loan documentation will be ANZ branded only, and you'll no longer be able to access the Esanda website. How does this impact existing Esanda Customers?

When was Esanda bought out by Macquarie Bank?

Esanda Finance was bought out by Macquarie Bank in October 2015, so if you’d taken out a loan with Esanda through a car dealership before 1 May 2016, you’ll now need to contact Macquarie Bank on 1800 269 682.

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