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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a car loan from Esanda?

If you took out a car loan through Esanda directly, through the Esanda website, an ANZ branch or a finance broker, your car loan or lease will stay with Esanda/ANZ. You can contact ANZ on 13 23 73 for assistance with your car loan. Esanda Finance will continue to provide car loans and novated lease options online and through the ANZ branches.

When was Esanda Finance established as a bank?

With the backing of ANZ bank, they’ve been able to offer secure, competitive loans to many Australians. First established as the Industrial Finance Department of the ES&A (English Scottish & Australian Bank) in 1953 to specifically provide asset finance, its services grew rapidly and the subsidiary Esanda finance was formed in 1955.

Why was ANZ fined for the Esanda loan?

ANZ's fine represented a quarter of a possible $20 million penalty after its Esanda car financing business breached responsible lending laws 24 times between 2013 and 2015. The bank approved the car loans in question without properly taking into account the personal circumstances of those involved.

How is an Esanda loan different from a chattel loan?

An offer to hire arrangement is slightly different to a chattel mortgage in that Esanda acts as the owner of the vehicle, and you take possession by making regular rental payments. Upon completion of the loan you take ownership of the vehicle. Benefits include: Tax benefits such as claiming depreciation and the interest component of the repayments.

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