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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for ESG-CV grants?

ESG-CV Notice “Limitations” January 31, 2022 deadline foremergency shelter activities 12-month cap for medium-termrental assistance May not require individuals orfamilies experiencinghomelessness to receivetreatment or performprerequisite activities* as acondition for receivingassistance funded by ESG-CV.

What does the ESG-CV notice do for HUD?

The ESG-CV Notice provides HUD the discretion to issue further guidance if additional reporting is necessary. HUD has begun releasing ESG-CV quarterly reporting guidance, which is posted and continually updated on the HUD Exchange.

What are the sections of the ESG report?

The Exhibit is divided into three sections: General Requirements; Housing Relocation and Stabilization Services; and Short- and Medium-term Rental Assistance. Section B is broken down into sub-sections for Financial Assistance Costs and Services Costs.

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