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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name ESN mean?

ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number and was introduced as a unique identification number for all mobile devices by the FCC in the early 1980s. Electronic Serial Numbers were attached to CDMA devices (CDMA just refers to the radio type in the mobile device - Sprint phones, for example, are CDMA devices).

Is ESN and Meid the same thing?

Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) is also commonly known as an Electric Serial Number (ESN). MEID is a unique 14-digit number that is a unique identifier of a specific cell phone. For easy remembering, a phone's MEID number is a phone's IMEI number minus the last digit if it has both.

What does a bad ESN mean for a phone?

Bad ESN means that the phone for certain circumstances can't be activated on any network or carrier. Reasons for bad ESN are: 1) The phone was reported as lost or stolen.

What does ESN offer?

ESN offers both sponges and topsheets. The brands that buy their rubbers from ESN usually get one sponge and can choose a topsheet out of a variety of topsheets. andro usually has the first choice as they first sold ESN rubbers.

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