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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I listen to the ESPN podcast?

Listen to the Doc break down the latest sports injuries and more! Want more sound? Visit PodCenter and fill up those gigabytes burning a hole in your pocket.

Which is the Best Podcast for sports news?

He promotes The Book of Basketball, will reiterate Dirk Nowitzki’s place among the NBA elite, and succumb to the throes of his fantasy football team. The Bill Simmons Podcast remains a credible and entertaining source for the latest sports news.

How long is the average episode of a sports podcast?

The podcasts begin with him framing the setting, and sustain a journalistic integrity. Most episodes are under an hour, often ranging from about 20 to 45 minutes. For something a little different with an academic twist, check out The Football History Dude.

Who are the women on the sports podcast?

Of note is Kelly Nash’s voice of an underrepresented group in the world of sports’ podcasts: women. Catch sideline reporting in a post-game interview with Ji-Man Choi as he battled through the ALDS, and listen in on Nash’s experiences as the only woman on a youth coaching staff.

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