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Frequently Asked Questions

What do international essay writing competitions do for You?

International Essay Writing Contests means more exposure to other people and the ways of the world in general. These essay competitions will not only hone your skills in writing, but make you internationally recognizable as well. And that is exactly most of us want right, to make a home in everyone’s heart around world?

What's the word limit for an essay contest?

Apart, all the eligible participants receive e-certificate. This essay contest is put forth by and The Admission Writer, with any kind of candidate being eligible to apply for this competition by the last day of May. There are around 4-5 topics for the essay, with the word limit being 600-1200 words.

Which is the best writing contest in the world?

The Best Writing Contests of 2021. 1 All-Story Short Fiction Competition. Zoetrope. The three prizewinners and seven honorable mentions will be considered for representation by a number ... 2 New Voices Award. 3 The Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. 4 Winchester Poetry Prize. 5 Troubadour International Poetry Prize. More items

How much money do you get for essay writing competition?

High-school, UG and graduate students can take part in this competition and first three winners will get $1000, $600 and $400, respectively.

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