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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any essay contests held in India?

Essay competitions in India have always been a physical event when visualize through the lenses of rural India and traditional writers. Partly, it may be true, because finding really authenticate writing contests organizers is bit difficult.

Is it good to do an essay contest?

Essay writing is actually good for not just the students, but the creative writers as well; as it will help stimulate their brains while honing the writing skill. A lot of online essay contests have cropped up for people. Here are the list of five trustworthy competitions based on the google reviews, longevity, and organizer’s reputation.

Which is the language of Oil India essay competition?

The Oil India Essay Competition is basically held in three languages like the Hindi English and Assamese. Make sure to read ahead as he is more about the Oil National Essay Writing Competition 2021 here. Trending Scholarship Exams !!

What are the criteria for essay writing competition?

The evaluation criteria involve 20 percent weightage to the central theme, 20 percent to coherence and organization in structure, 40 percent to creativity, and 20 percent to clarity in language expression and style. Students who want to participate in the essay writing competition can check My Gov India official site for details.

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