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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the setting of the ring?

In such a setting, the prongs are attached to the central setting of a ring, known as the head or basket. Each prong extends upward and outward from the head, gripping the diamond with an arch at the top.

What does estate jewelry mean?

Estate jewelry is a term used to describe previously owned jewelry. This jewelry is usually acquired from estates or jewelry that has been sold and is often antique or vintage in nature.

What is an estate ring?

Estate jewelry (or estate jewellery) is a term used, most commonly in a retail sense, to refer to jewelry and often timepieces which are part of the 'estate' of a deceased person.

What is a ring setting?

Ring setting. A halo setting feature s a larger center stone surrounded by a circle (or halo) of smaller stones. [] TIFFANY SETTING - A ~ [⇑] with 4 or 6 prongs holding a solitaire gemstone in place. Named after the company that designed the first solitaire setting.

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