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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ethical clothing?

Ethical Clothing Manufacturers or any firm that runs in accordance with globally accepted ethical codes, aims to handle the issues they see with the methods presently operate, like consumptive labor, environmental injury, the utilization of dangerous chemicals, waste, and animal cruelty.

What do Ethiopian women wear?

The Ethiopian traditional costume is made of woven cotton. Ethiopian men and women wear this traditional costume called gabbi or Netella. Women often wear dresses (Kemis) and netella with borders of coloured embroidered woven crosses, but other designs are also used.

What is an ethical wedding dress?

An ethical wedding dress can mean a vegan or cruelty-free dress . Dress by Tammam (Cruelty-Free) Although most dresses are by default vegan and cruelty-free, don't forget that furs, feathers, pearls, wool, and silk are all animal products. "Peace Silk" is made from silk threads harvested after the silk worm has left its cocoon, unharmed.

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