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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five frameworks of ethics in education?

Five frameworks of ethics have been identified in education: (1) the ethic of care, (2) the ethic of justice, (3) the ethic of critique, (4) the ethic of profession and (5) the ethic of community (Furman, 2004).

What is the history of ethics in business?

We can look back to the early theories of ethics from Socrates and later Kant and others having to do with general moral and ethical behaviours for humans. And then as business and professions began to evolve there was reference to ethic practice of trades, and of professional societies as they developed (accountants, lawyers, etc).

What is the aim of the ethical framework?

Aim is to perform the right action. Aim is to develop one’s character. Because the answers to the three main types of ethical questions asked by each framework are not mutually exclusive, each framework can be used to make at least some progress in answering the questions posed by the other two.

What is the consequentialist framework of ethics?

The Consequentialist Framework In the Consequentialist framework, we focus on the future effects of the possible courses of action, considering the people who will be directly or indirectly affected. We ask about what outcomes are desirable in a given situation, and consider ethical conduct to be whatever will achieve the best consequences.

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