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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ethical frameworks?

Ethical frameworks. Four frameworks commonly used to make ethical judgements are: Rights and responsibilities: the rights of one imply the responsibilities (or duties) of another to ensure those rights. Consequentialism: weighing the benefits and harms resulting from our actions.

What are ethical frameworks in business?

A good framework takes the best from your moral intuition and adds the pieces that may be missing. An ethical framework works best when it is complementary to, not separate from, other modes of business analysis and decision-making (i.e., from finance, accounting or marketing).

What are some ethical decision making models?

When the decision is not ethic – when an ethical decision making model is not used – it means that the decision is aligned with particular self-serving interests of one person or one group of people, but not with organizational results, not with the company’s strategy, not with all the organization’s stakeholders (employees, customers, stockholders ...

What are ethical decision models?

Ethical Decision-Making Model*. E. Evaluate the rights, vulnerabilities, and responsibilities of all parties involved. Determine your relationship (if any) and obligations (if any) to each of these parties. F. Obtain consultation. Consult with a trusted colleague or supervisor about the ethical, legal and personal issues involved.

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