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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is not a reason for supporting ethical relativism?

This is not the reason why not support ethical relativism; Ethical relativism holds that there is a right and wrong, even though we do not agree about what is right and wrong and If people disagree about some moral matter, their disagreement will always be due to their having different moral values.

What does ethical relativism say about ethics and morality?

Differences in moral practices across cultures raise an important issue in ethics -- the concept of "ethical relativism." Ethical relativism is the theory that holds that morality is relative to the norms of one's culture. That is, whether an action is right or wrong depends on the moral norms of the society in which it is practiced.

What are the advantages of ethical relativism?

One advantage of ethical relativism is that it allows for a wide variety of cultures and practices. It also allows people to adapt ethically as the culture, knowledge, and technology change in society.

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