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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Central Asians considered to white or Asian?

People of Afghan and Uyghur descent are also sometimes classified as Central Asians. For the purposes of the United States Census, Central Asian Americans are classed under the "white" category rather than Asian American, which is limited to nations from Pakistan eastward.

Are there people considered 'ethnic Taiwanese'?

Taiwan has many ethnic groups with the largest group being the Hoklo Han Chinese with about 70% of the total population followed by the Hakka Han Chinese who make up about 14% of the total population. These ethnic groups contribute to the cultural diversity of Taiwan as well as in the economic, social and political spheres.

What are Asian ethnic groups?

The major ethnic groups that form the core of East Asia are the Han, Joseon, and Yamato. Other ethnic groups of East Asia include the Bai, Hui, Tibetans, Manchus, Ryukyuan, Ainu, Zhuang, and Mongols.

What is the culture of Asian Americans?

The Asian Indian culture is a complex and diverse ancient culture. Indian Americans, known more commonly as Asian Indians, makeup the largest subgroup of South Asians consisting of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. They may refer to themselves as East Indians or Indo-Americans.

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