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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ethnicity groups?

Ethnic group. An ethnic group is a group of people who are considered to be the same in some or multiple ways. They may all have the same ancestors, speak the same language, or have the same religion. They often live in the same or surrounding area. Sometimes almost all of the people in one country are of the same ethnic group,...

What are the types of ethnic groups?

Ethnicity refers to selected cultural and sometimes physical characteristics used to classify people into groups or categories considered to be significantly different from others. Commonly recognized American ethnic groups include American Indians, Latinos, Chinese, African Americans, European Americans, etc.

What is the meaning of ethnic groups?

Ethnic group. Ethnicity or ethnic group is a socially defined category based on common culture or nationality. Ethnicity can, but does not have to, include common ancestry, cuisine, dressing style, heritage, history, language or dialect, physical appearance, religion, symbols, traditions, or other cultural factors.

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