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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EV used for?

Enterprise value (EV) is a metric used to value a company and is usually considered a more accurate reflection of a company's value compared to market capitalization. The enterprise value of a company shows how much money would be needed to buy that company.

Why do we need EV?

EV is thought to be a better proxy to investors due to who get's what. Market cap reflects value to the universe of those who hold any type of equity, visa vi, common stock holders all the way to board members. EV takes into account the "guts" or "core" of a company by adding debt and removing exsisting cash,...

What is eV level 2 charger?

Though commonly called a Level 2 Charger, the proper term is Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) because the actual AC to DC conversion occurs on board the EV itself. It will be hard to break the public of the habit of calling them Car Chargers, as that’s what manufacturers call them.

What is positive EV?

Positive EV means that you can expect a positive long term result in a given situation and negative EV is the opposite. As a consequence, you want to bet as much as possible when you have a positive expectation and as little as possible when you have a negative expectation.

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